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Treatment of failed Roux-en-Y hepaticojejunostomy after post-cholecystectomy bile ducts injuries.

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Benkabbou A(1), Castaing D, Salloum C, Adam R, Azoulay D, Vibert E.

Author information:

(1)AH-HP, Hôpital Paul Brousse, Centre Hépato-Biliaire, Villejuif, France.

BACKGROUND: Roux-en-Y hepaticojejunostomy (RYHJ) is the most well-accepted treatment for most post-cholecystectomy bile duct injuries (BDI). RYHJ failure is a complex situation that requires expert planning and the possibility of using a  combination of operative, radiologic, and endoscopic techniques. The aim of this  study was to report our experience with a multidisciplinary approach to failed RYHJ after post-cholecystectomy BDI.

METHODS: Between January 1996 and March 2008, 44 consecutive patients were managed for RYHJ failure in our department. They presented with recurrent cholangitis in 40 patients (91%) and/or jaundice in 9 (20%). First-line treatment consisted of primary revisionary surgery in 26 cases (59%; repeat RYHJ in 22 and  hepatectomy in 4) and a percutaneous approach in 18 cases (41%; biliary interventions in 16 and portal vein embolization in 2).

RESULTS: Postoperative mortality was nil. Postoperative morbidity was 11% after repeat RYHJ without hepatectomy, 80% (bile leaks) after hepatectomy, and 10% (mild cholangitis and hemobilia) after a percutaneous approach. Delayed revisionary surgery with the intent to wait for bile duct dilation failed in all  5 patients. With a mean follow-up of 49 ± 40 months, second- or third-line treatment was attempted in 7 patients (16%). One patient (2%) died because of suicide. Overall clinical success defined by the absence of incapacitating biliary symptoms after treatment was achieved in 39 patients (89%).

CONCLUSION: An immediate, multidisciplinary approach including repeat biliary surgery and/or a percutaneous approach in a tertiary hepatobiliary center is required to obtain good, long-term results when treating the failure of RYHJ post-cholecystectomy BDI.

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DOI: 10.1016/j.surg.2012.06.028

PMID: 23044267  [Indexed for MEDLINE]

Surgery. 2013 Jan;153(1):95-102. doi: 10.1016/j.surg.2012.06.028. Epub 2012 Oct 6.

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