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Multidisciplinary Cancer Meetings (MCM)

What is a MCM ?

For each cancer patient, the development of a personalized therapeutic strategy stems from a discussion between specialists from various disciplines: specialized surgeons medical oncologists, radiotherapists, radiologists, pathologists, etc.

The MCM or Multidisciplinary Cancer Meeting designates the medical committee responsible for the analysis of cancer cases and proposition of a therapeutic plan.
In Morocco, the organization of weekly MCMs at university hospitals, regional oncology centers and private clinics specializing in oncology is one of the measures recommended by the National Cancer Prevention and Control Plan (2010-2019).

Particularities of digestive cancers?

In Morocco, digestive cancers rank second among cancer sites with around 15% of cases (Registre des cancers du Grand Casablanca 2008 – 2012). They represent a significant burden on our health system because their management involves complex, expensive and potentially morbid treatments. The quality of care in digestive oncology benefits from the combined progress of oncology and organ specialties (hepato-biliary, colorectal, etc.).

Particularities of digestive cancer MCM at the National Institute of Oncology (INO)?

  • Committee
  • Organization
  • Charter
  • Frequently asked questions

Digestive Surgery
Prof Raouf Mohsine, INO (Head of department)
Pr Anass Majbar, INO (Secretary)
Pr Amine Souadka, INO (Secretary)
Pr Amine Benkabbou, INO (Secretary)

Medical oncology
Pr Errihani Hassan, INO (Head of Department)
Prof. Hind Mrabti, INO
Prof. Saber Boutayeb, INO
Dr Halima Abahssain, INO

Prof. Noreddine Benjaafar, INO (Head of department)
Prof Hanane Kacemi, INO

Prof. Rachida Latib, INO (Head of department)
Prof. Youssef Omor, INO

Prof. Laila Amrani, INO
Dr Meriem Bakkar, INO
Dr Amal Chakkor, INO

Dr Laila Rifai, INO (Coordinator)

Nuclear medicine
Prof. Hasna Guerrouj, HIS


The committee meets every Thursday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the National Institute of Oncology in Rabat.

Before the MCM: A structured summary of the medical case is entered by the referent physician involved directly in the care of the patient on the electronic platform. To be projected, the images (CT, MRI, etc.) are loaded onto the computer of the presenting physician or that of the MCM secretariat.
During the MCM: The number of cases and the order of discussion is announced. Moderation is provided by the coordinator. The committee’s opinion is expressed and recorded in the electronic platform by a member of the MCM secretariat.
After the MCM: The presenting physician can access the full reports (date, attendance, structured summary and opinion) of his patients.


The presence of at least one digestive surgeon, one medical oncologist, and one radiotherapist (quorum) is required for the issuance of an opinion.
The discussion is based on up-to-date scientific data and national and international guidelines.
The committee reserves the right to (1) resort to external expertise and (2) contextualize its opinion according to local or patients’ specific conditions.

Frequently asked questions

Participate in a MCM?
To participate in a MCM, you must send an email to the MCM secretariat.

Request an opinion?
To ask for an opinion, you can send your medical case to one of the committee’s doctors.

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